St Petersburg State Capella Choir

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St Petersburg State Capella Choir stated its history in 1479 when on the order of the Great Prince Ivan III a choir of the Czar's singing deacons was organized in Moscow which became the first in Russia professional choir and the cradle of Russian choral art. In 1703 the choir was moved to the new capital of the Russian Empire where it participated in the festivities dedicated to the foundation of St Petersburg by Peter the Great. Since that time its has been performing in that city. The creative image of the Capella has always been defined by the outstanding musicians: M. F. Poltoratsky, M. Berezovsky, D. S. Bortniansky, M. I. Glinka, A. F. Lvov, G. Y. Lomakin, M. A. Balakirev, N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov, M. S. Liapunov. A. S. Arensky, M. G. Klimov, V. Sveshnikov, G. A. Dmitrevsky, A. I. Anisimov, E. P. Kudriavtseva, F. M. Kozlov, V. A. Chernushenko. Generations of the best Russian choirs were brought up and continue to be brought up on the high traditions of the Capella. A. V. Aleksandrov, V. A. Dranichnikov. A. G. Fliarkovsky, A. S. Dmitriev, A. A. Yurlov, D. G. Kitaenko, V. A. Atlantov and many, many others received musical education at the Choir school of the St Petersburg State Capella.

The last twenty years of the St Petersburg State Capella's life were marked by the new rise of the performance mastery and concerts. In 1974 Vladislav Chernushenko became the Artistic director and the Chief conductor of the Capella. Being the Capella's graduate he came back as a high class professional to raise the Capella Choir to the new step on the staircase of time with his talent, his passionate creative fire. First of all a most valuable layer of the Russian culture is returned to the repertoire, Russian spiritual music. One could again hear Tchaikovsky's The Liturgy and The Vespers, choir pieces of Berezovsky, Bortniansky, Arkhangelsky, Chesnokov. For the first time in two centuries the church psalms of the XV-XVII centuries were performed. The beauty and the richness of the Russian singing culture are demonstrated by the part concerts of the XVII-XVIII centuries, the chants of Peter's time, choir arrangements of Russian folk songs. With the restoration of the Capella Symphony Orchestra activity in 1991 in the city's posters more and more often the names of large symphony and choir pieces started to appear, such as Requiem and Great Mass by Mozart, Magnificate and Mass in B minor by J.S. Bach, Symphony No.9 by Beethoven, Requiem by Verdi, Moscow cantata by Tchaikovsky and John of Damascus by Taneev, concert performance of the operas Aleko by Rakhmaninov, Virinea by Slonimsky and many other pieces. The high mastery, the diverse repertoire allow the St Petersburg Capella Choir to tour a lot. In just the last years their tours took them to all European countries. Today the St Petersburg State Capella Choir is one of the best in the world, lives a busy creative life, realizing their rich creative resources to the maximum, confidently implementing their artistic plans.